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CNReviews.com, an English language blog site, aims to cover business, life and people in China for foreign people.

CNReviews.com was founded by Elliott Ng and his friends in 2007. Elliott Ng is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur currently involved in a venture-backed online travel startup. He’s founded and exited 2 prior startups including 1 NASDAQ IPO. Elliott started CNReviews to advance his goal of finding interesting China-oriented business opportunities.

In May 2008, Elliott Ng wrote a blog post to collect Sichuan Earthquake donation guide. Oliver Ding, the founder of Swordi Studio, created a SlideShare version of the guide after he saw the post.

In October 2008, Elliott Ng contacted Oliver to request designing a new identity for CNReviews.com, for he wanted to create some business card for attending Chinese Blogger Conference 2008 in Guangzhou.

What Swordi Studio Contributed

Oliver Ding, the founder of Swordi Studio, designed the new brand identity including logo, business card and T-shirt for CNReviews.com.

The new logo of CNReviews.com uses a simple idea that Oliver called big C.
1. Letter “C” stands for “China”, “Community” and “Communication”;
2. C looks like an ear which means listening;
3. C also is like wave which means spreading;
4. C seems like splash-ink, a technique of Chinese ink-painting (泼墨 pomo)

Elliott Ng said, “This really captured the original inspiration for CN Reviews, our focus on China, our interest in being a bridge between China and the West, and our passion for listening and understanding.”

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