2008: TEDtoChina


TEDtoChina.com was founded in October 2008 as an independent TED tribute project that uses the TED logo with permission from TED.

TEDtoChina aims to bring to China inspiring ideas from the global TED community through idea immersion. It hopes to foster citizen spirit that can be a force for good in local community. Be part of the change—that is a resonating idea at TED—and we want to bring this idea to people through our coverage.

The team runs TEDtoChina as an education project, not a translation project. Like a web bridge, it attempts to bring more inspiring educational contents to the Internet community in China.

TEDtoChina covers TED talks, TED Conferences, TED Prize, TEDx, TED Fellows, and TED Open Translation Project. TEDtoChina also builds the Chinese TED community through various online social networking tools. It has groups on various popular social networking websites.

What Swordi Studio Contributed

Oliver Ding, the founder of Swordi Studio, co-founded TEDtoChina.com with Tony Yet. Oliver is charge of editing, designing, and marketing as well as project management.

As the main designer of the site, Oliver works on several design talks including on presentations, brand identity, header images for posts, banners and icons, wallpaper, etc.

In May 2009, Oliver redesigned the TEDtoChina’s logo and brand identity after the project got permission of using the TED logo from TED.

Oliver usually designs header image for posts with Creative Commons licensed photos from Flickr.

Oliver also provides advice to local TEDx organizers on how to use TEDx Branding Guidelines in the right way.

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