2005: SocialBrain


The Social Brain Foundation (SocialBrain) was morphed from CNBlog.org, the earliest evangelizing site in China on grassroots publishing.

Now SocialBrain is a social incubator for free culture and sharism by supporting several projects, including Chinese Blogger Conference (Cnbloggercon), Digital Nomads, Memedia, PledgeBank Chinese, Webridge, Creative Commons China, etc.

What Swordi Studio Contributed

Oliver Ding, the founder of Swordi Studio, is a member of Social Brain Foundation.

Oliver designed logos and the visual identity system for SocialBrain (2005), Cnbloggercon (2006, 2005) and worked as editor at Cnbloggercon blog, promoting Cnbloggercon through social media campaigns.

Oliver led localization at PledgeBank.com Chinese version (2007) and served as co-organizer of Webridge voluntary survey, which aimed to understand and promote the voluntary translations that people are doing in the Chinese blogosphere.

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