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The Chinese Blogger Conference (Cnbloggercon) was originated in 2005 by a group of active bloggers, who used various Internet tools to prepare, execute, and broadcast the event. It has been held annually and is also known as the most wired conference in China.

Focusing on blogs, the topics of the conference cover various aspects of web2.0 and the impacts of blogosphere on society, culture, technology, and business. The participants include prominent bloggers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, educators, and digital artists.

It has been held annually since 2005 with around 400 people physically participating in the event each year and thousands of people participating through various social media, such as Twitter, Friendfeed, Podcasting, Slideshares, etc.

What Swordi Studio Contributed

Oliver Ding, the founder of Swordi Studio, was a member of the organizing team of the conference in 2005 and 2006, designing logos and visual identity systems for both years. The logo of the first conference became the basis of design for creating logos for successive years.

Oliver also created the Chinese slogans for conferences held in 2005–2007. The Chinese slogan for 2005 was “Ping Deng Xin, Zhong Sheng Zhi,” which means “Everybody is somebody.” The 2006 Chinese slogan was “Zhong Zhi Cheng Cheng,” meaning “United people can change the world.” The 2007 Chinese slogan was “Bai Hua Qi Fang, Bai Jia Zheng Ming” or “Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought advance.” My slogans convey the notion that an environment of free speech will bring about a diversified culture.

In addition, Oliver also promotes the Chinese Blogger Conference through various social media sites, such as Slideshare.net and Douban.com.

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