Oliver Ding


Since arriving in the USA from China in December 2007, I have worked for a web application start-up based in Houston. I have extensive business experience and superior Internet expertise, closely related to innovative Internet start-ups.

Since 2001 I have gained over six years’ experience in fund-raising activities, including IPO, pre-IPO, and venture capital. From 1994 to the present, I acquired over ten years’ experience in corporate visual identity design, brand management consulting, and marketing communication activities.

From 2001 to 2007, I worked for several private investors who are active in investing in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States. Following first-round investments, I helped start-ups raise successive rounds of funds from venture capital firms and then raised funds from public markets through IPOs. An authorized representative of the start-ups, I was a principal channel of communication with professionals, including sponsors, financial advisors, local and overseas lawyers, auditors, and surveyors. I also assisted presidents of start-ups in strategic planning, brand management, and investor relations.

I have made significant contributions to nonprofit activities. In 2004 I established Swordi, my personal studio, which aims to provide professional marketing service to nonprofit projects. I have spent most of my spare time on Swordi, providing logo designs, strategy consulting on brand identity, and event organizing through online collaboration. I was also invited to speak at nonprofit conferences and events.

An active sharer in open contents, free culture, and creative commons, I enjoy sharing my experience, thoughts, and insights through writing and blogging. I was a columnist for Fuzhou Evening News.

I am a pioneer personal branding researcher in China. At a national corporate identity conference in 1996, I received a third-place award for a scholarly article about personal branding identity of entrepreneurs.




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