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Swordi Studio, founded by Oliver Ding in 2004, aims to provide open branding service to enable social change through the Web.

Oliver Ding has made significant contributions to nonprofit activities. In 2004 he established Swordi, his personal studio, which aims to provide professional marketing service to nonprofit projects. He has spent most of his spare time on Swordi Studio, providing logo designs, strategy consulting on brand identity, and event organizing through online collaboration. He was also invited to speak at nonprofit conferences and events.


Open branding movement can change the world.


Invest on positive social change projects around the world by providing open branding service.


1. Provide professional branding service to social change projects
2. Spread positive global brands into China through one-step localization services
3. Invest in social venture projects in China as a seed investor.

Contribution fields

Swordi Studio’s main contribution fields are as below:
1. bridge between the west and China;
2. education community;
3. free culture and sharism community;
4. branding professional community;
5. charity projects; and
6. Local entrepreneur community.


Swordi at gmail dot com

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